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A: 1. Here is the list of ports used by IPVideoTalk:

Protocol Port
Servers(including Portal, SIP, Media)
HTTP/HTTPS 80, 443
TCP/TLS 443, 20000, 20001, 30000, 30001
UDP 20000-65000
Android APP
HTTP/HTTPS 80, 443
TCP/TLS 20000, 20001
UDP 20000-65000
HTTP/HTTPS 80, 443
TCP/TLS 30000, 30001
UDP 20000-65000
HTTP/HTTPS 80, 443
WSS 443
UDP/DTLS 20000-65000

2.The IP address of the servers is dynamic. Here is the list of domain names used by IPVideoTalk for your reference:
mproxy.ipvideotalk.com pro.ipvideotalk.com xmeetings.ipvideotalk.com
meetings.ipvideotalk.com account.ipvideotalk.com api.ipvideotalk.com
style.ipvideotalk.com www.ipvideotalk.com fw.ipvideotalk.com

Also, kindly see below list of static IP addresses used by IPVideoTalk server: